Kid's fashion agent

Kid's fashion agent and distribution

We currently act as an agent and distribute select children's fashion to 70+ reputable retail shops. Our brand selection team consists of children's fashion designers, retail store owners and Japanese parents.

Please see below for more information, including the keys to a successful brand launch in Japan.

If you would like to learn more or discuss opportunities of selling your brand in Japan, please contact us.

About Us


Why brands fail in Japan

1. The agent may not have strong connections and influence 

2. Careful consideration is not made in retail shop selection, leading to an image that can damage the brand

3. Clothing selection is not done properly to suit the Japanese market

4. Factors such as stores proximity to each other are not taken into consideration, leading to retailer frustration and brand damage

5.General business culture and communication differences


Our solution

1. We have strong and friendly connections with retail shop owners and regularly communicate by phone and shop visitations. 

2. We are a brand owner (AkalaOno) ourselves and realize the importance of shop selection

3.Our team that selects pieces include shop owners, Japanese fashion designers and brand owners and parents.

4. We value our relationships with shop owners in Japan and take careful consideration into competing store placement

5. Our co-founders are American and Japanese and specialize in cross-culture communication


Brand selection process

Factors considered when we choose a brand to represent include: 

  • fashion style, material type and color
  • general impact on the Japanese consumer
  • durability
  • presence overseas 
  • representative assertiveness
  • brand story
  • clothing and sample quality 

We generally start with a small sampling of the brand for the first season and expand the brand as it gains familiarity.